Vaccinations bring hope for all

Today marks a turning point in our fight against Covid-19 as Lilian Faithfull Care staff are amongst the first to receive the vaccine at Gloucester Hospital. Suzanne Booker, Director of Care, summed up the mood after receiving her vaccination when being interviewed by ITV and Sky. “It feels absolutely amazing. It is the most wonderful thing that could happen.” “It will encourage our staff, make our residents feel safe and be so reassuring for our families.” “There is a lot of hope for next year. It will be so good to get families back into homes to hold hands and hug their loved ones – something really to look forward to.”

This marks the start of the vaccination programme and as soon as the NHS has finalised the logistics of bringing the vaccine to care homes our residents will also have the opportunity to be immunised.

Today is full of hope and expectation but there cannot be any let-up in infection control measures yet. As Suzanne explains “We hope that within the next three months we will see things getting a bit more normal.”

On this momentous day we would like to pay tribute to our colleagues in the NHS and Gloucestershire County Council for their incredible work implementing the programme and giving us this opportunity at such an early stage.