“They’ve done us proud”

It wasn’t the result so many were hoping for, but resident John Crick at Faithfull House care home has a positive perspective to help us start the week, or as BBC’s Mark Cummings called him on the radio this morning “the voice of experience”…

As a boy John lived a stones throw from Wembly and in 1966 he spent 10 bob (50 pence) on a ticket for the World Cup and was there for the famous victory. A lifelong football fan, he has been avidly following all the Euro 2021 matches. He became our own football pundit on Friday when TV crews from both BBC Points West and ITV West Country safely interviewed him. Now 77, John appeared on their local evening bulletins accompanied by a fantastic rendition of ‘It’s coming home’ thanks to an enthusiastic team of Faithfull House and Secret Garden Hub staff!

BBC Radio Gloucestershire caught up with John again this morning to find out how he felt after the match and in true style he has a brilliantly positive outlook…

“I felt excited and elated as those boys never gave up….They are young boys, they’ve got a lot to learn and next year they’ll come back much stronger.”

John particularly appreciated seeing Geoff Hurst up close to the action at Wembly last night “That was a nice touch.”

Congratulations to the Italian finalists. Our Italian Chef Mario at Royal Court care home is very happy.

And a final word from John on the England team…

“They’ve done us proud.”

Thank you to John for sharing his story and optimism.