Thanks to the Ladies’ College students for visiting residents at Astell

Astell House residents and staff would like to say a big thank you and a fond farewell to this years group of student visitors from Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

We’ve had wonderful visits 4 days a week since the autumn. Residents have really enjoyed their company, playing board games, puzzles and sharing tales. The College shared their experiences with us….

The students commented how they’ve enjoyed building friendships with residents:

Tilly, “I love Brian, he shares his stories of being abroad. Rosaline is great to play games with and she taught me ludo and dominos. It’s so nice”

Evie, “I’ve enjoyed hearing everyone’s life stories, they’re really interesting.”

Lizzy, “I remember the residents by their stories and everyone has different characters.”

Other students commented;

“I love chatting with all the residents, they never fail to make me laugh and the time always flies by.”

“My highlight of the week is walking into a room of people with many different stories and experiences yet all coming together for a good game of 20 questions.”

Laura Isaac, Social Action Mentor and organiser of the the students’ placements shared, “I recently had the privilege of going along with the girls to Astell House and saw the very genuine friendships with residents. Our girls came in and immediately sat with the residents asking about their week, their families and what they had been up to. The familiarity with which our students spoke to the residents was touching to see. We have really enjoyed partnering with Astell House and look forward to working with them again next year, maintaining our friendships and partnerships.”

We wish the students all the best with their exams and we look forward to more visits in the autumn.

*Some photos have kindly been taken by CLC.