Thank you messages to our Day Care Hub staff

Our two adult day care hubs in Cheltenham and Stroud have had some lovely thank yous and feedback.

Pictured is a beautiful thank you card to the Uplands hub team from Mr John Lovelady and family.

And further below is a message to the Secret Garden hub team from Hilary James – one of their day guests.

“Dear Mark,
I want to thank you and all your staff for all you have done to help me while I was in great need and my husband needed a break from me. The activity I enjoyed most was painting. I am glad that my daughter brought some felt-tips and a book to colour in while I was in hospital as it prepared me to paint with you. I noticed that you sometimes put new people next to me. Once again, thank you, I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. I have made some new friends who I will try and contact in the future. You are all wonderful people and put your guests first all the time. I have enjoyed my time with you all. I have valued coming here and will always remember you with grateful appreciation.”
From a thankful Hilary James (Secret Garden hub guest)

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback, the teams really appreciate your thoughtful messages.

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