Why we need support

Our growing elderly population need us now more than ever.

97p in every £1 spent by our charity is put towards the day to day care of our residents and day guests, and all that entails.

Our charity has a ‘Home for Life’ pledge, which means we never ask a resident to leave if they are unable to financially support their own care, which is such a great reassurance for them.

A third of our residents can’t afford to personally fund their own care.

As a charity, in 2022 our ‘Home for Life’ pledge supported elderly residents’ fees to an incredible amount of £1.5 million. This represents the difference between the cost of caring for a resident and the fees received by Local Authorities.

We should never forget our older generation have helped form our way of life and have given so much to society as we know it. We believe people should never experience loneliness and isolation, and should have every opportunity to live their lives with dignity and respect.

We have remained true to our founder, Miss Lilian Mary Faithfull’s principles of the charity;

“a desire to improve the lives of others through care and dedication.”
Why we need support
We’re in care for the right reasons.