Fundraising Tools

Our team can help you with ideas, a fundraising page, posters, sponsorship forms, promote your activity and support you to raise money for our charity.

Sponsorship form

Download our sponsorship form to start fundraising.

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Create a JustGiving fundraising page
Set up your own JustGiving sponsorship page and begin raising money for our charity.

  • Select our charity ‘LilianFaithfull Care’, find your fundraising event, choose your JG link name, add your details, your story of why you are doing it, decide on a fundraising target and upload a picture.
  • Next share your page link with your friends and family on social media, posters, emails etc.
  • Watch your fundraising rise and update your JustGiving page blog with pictures, your progress and personal challenges.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your story with a little reminder to encourage more sponsorship and reach your target.

We’re in care for the right reasons.