Secret Garden Hub “ticks every box”

Lilian Faithfull Care run two adult day care hubs, in Cheltenham and Stroud. The support we offer is valued not only by the guests that attend but also their families. Louise gave up her work to become a full time carer to her mum Loretta and explains how the Secret Garden Hub is important to them both;

“After being recommended to the Secret Garden Hub I went up and had a look and it was brilliant; it ticks every box.”

“Mum is intelligent just very physically disabled. It works really well for her. She has made friends with proper like-minded people and she really enjoys their conversation and companionship. The manager involves Mum in planning some of the activities. She is a published poet and so particularly enjoys helping with their poetry sessions.”

Louise has two young children so the days her mother visits the Hub gives her much valued respite.

“I know she is in safe hands so I can relax. It means I can feel less guilty going out somewhere with the children that isn’t suitable for her, such as going out for hill walk. Not only do I have time to myself but when she comes home she’s had her day out, she is always very cheerful and we’ve both got new things to discuss.”

The Hub can support people with a wide range of conditions as well and those just seeking some companionship and home cooked food. The Hub has strict infection control procedures to ensure a Covid-safe environment. To find out more visit our Secret Garden Hub webpage or call the manager, Mark Norris on 01242 506121 email