Secret Garden get a letter from The Queen

Guests at Secret Garden day care hub were delighted by their recent royal mail delivery – a letter from The Queen!

Day guests wrote a brilliant jolly Jubilee poem to Her Majesty and some people also wrote letters expressing their best wishes and pride in having served their country and Queen.

Take a read of their poem below….. Well done Secret Garden!

Secret Garden Platinum Jubilee Poem:

I really would like to meet the queen,

it really is my dearest dream.

We sit and have a chat,

about dogs, horses and fancy hats.

Over a nice cup of tea,

or if I am lucky a G&T to celebrate the Jubilee.

We will salute or curtsy she glides by,

we know that Prince Philip was the apple of her eye.

We will sit and chat about her family, this, and that.

As I leave I would feel brave and say,

come Liz give me the royal wave.

Congratulations on your Jubilee,

and thank you for your loyalty.