Robin Reckitt

Robin is a published artist who has illustrated many bird identification books, but he had two other careers first;

Aged 7, Robin’s love for art started young, but his father advised keeping it as a hobby (like Winston Churchill!) so Robin joined the Army and was selected for the Royal Artillery ‘the Gunners’.  He stayed for 13 years becoming a proficient horse rider, learning to fly and serving in the Korean War adhering to the ‘Adapt or Die’ motto of his regiment.

After being demobbed Robin worked for Shell for 11 years which included setting up and opening filling stations across the Midlands.

In his forties, Robin’s love of painting ‘got him’ and drew him to study at Art school.  He found a niche designing and painting pub signs for Allied breweries however Robin had always had a passion for painting birds.  This talent was spotted by Bird Life International and many bird identification books followed, often capturing birds in their typical natural habitats.

Aged 91, We were privileged that Robin lived with us at Faithfull House, his artists pencils never left his side!