Residents travel the world with virtual reality!

When Cheltenham Ladies’ College students visited one of our homes with their fabulous virtual reality equipment, little did they realise what joy they would bring…

Though cautious at first, the girls soon had a steady stream of residents who took them up on the offer. Some of the many heart-warming moments included one of the ladies who asked to go to Piazza San Marco in Venice. ‘Standing’ in front of St Mark’s Basilica and looking round, she started to well up, saying, “you don’t know how much this means to me,” as she had not been able to travel to see her daughter and family who now lived there. They were also able to ‘transport’ one of the gentlemen to Sydney Harbour where he had last visited when he was stationed there with the Navy, at a time before the Sydney Opera House was built.

Dr Lim from Cheltenham Ladies’ College says, “I regularly feel a sense of pride at our girls’ academic achievements and marvel at the ambition of their co-curricular endeavours. On this occasion, I have been especially proud of their empathy, grace and humility.”

Astell House look forward to welcoming the club back in the future to continue their travels!