RAF 100th – We’ve been in partnership with the RAF since 1952!

As we celebrate 100 years of the RAF – we recall in 1952, John Cordingly Chief of Staff at the RAF Benevolent Fund, meeting our Founder Lilian Faithfull at Faithfull House.   The main lounge was renamed the Trenchard room in honour of Viscount Trenchard the father of the RAF.

We so easily forget our elders formed our modern life and ways, we take a moment to remember our residents service, pictured clockwise : Flight Lt Derek Tapson, Eng Officer Terence Loughlin, Pilot Jim Peart (Burma Star), Junior Commander Noreen McGinn, Radar Ops Officer Jeanie Connop, Flight Officer Peter James to name but a few.

At Lilian Faithfull we are proud of the RAF connection – it’s one of the things that makes us different.

One Lilian Faithfull Family.