Our platinum pudding competition

Did you watch the Platinum Pudding finalists bake their cakes on BBC One last night?

It’s got us very excited because we’re having our own prestigious platinum pudding competition too! Don’t worry we’re not sharing the show’s results, but read on for our hot competition news!

When the national pudding competition launched, we’re proud to say that Royal Court’s Chef Manager Marcia entered it! Marcia created a fantastic recipe in collaboration with Royal Court’s staff and residents’ pudding ideas.

Sadly, due to hot competition, their recipe didn’t make the top five – but all is not lost! Marcia and Royal Court team kept their heads high and spirits up and inspired the charity to create our care home celebratory pudding competition – fit for our 200 remarkable residents, and The Queen!

The competition involves our five care home catering teams to develop a unique pudding recipe. These five recipes will be revealed and shared, and one baked a day during the Jubilee week by each home’s catering team. The judges will be our residents, who will taste each pudding and invited to mark, and an average score calculated to find the overall platinum pudding winner.

We’re sure the judging will be tough with all the puddings the residents have baked themselves or tasted over their time. We can’t wait to enjoy this Jubilee celebration with our residents, and day guests, with lots remembering The Queen’s Coronation 70 years ago.

The catering team never let an opportunity pass to put on a special and delicious culinary show, and The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is no exception! Given the amazing cakes baked for our charity’s 75th anniversary competition, we can’t wait to see taste everyone’s creations.

Good luck to each home and let the competition begin!

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