Dementia Care

Throughout our charity we are focused in offering the practical care and emotional support for people living with dementia and give ongoing advice to family and carers.

Dementia care is offered in all of our Lilian Faithfull Care homes and day care hub in Cheltenham and Stroud.

Dementia care specialists:

Our ‘dementia care leads’ and teams of dementia link workers ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest training and understanding of dementia. Our homes are subtly adjusted to ease common practical challenges when living with dementia, such as suitable signage, use of colours and appropriate tableware, to give a secure and safe environment.

Dementia care across all our homes:

Residential or Nursing care; all our homes can support those living with dementia. All our staff receive specialist training so that they can work with skill and confidence to assist those living with dementia

Respite care in our homes is available from as little as one night, to several months

Our dedicated dementia care suites:

Two of our residential homes, Royal Court and Faithfull House, include 'dementia care suites' suited to those needing extra care whilst living with dementia. The Bluebell Suite at Faithfull House, The Butterfly Wing and The Dragonfly Suite at Royal Court offer specialist dementia care. They suit those who might otherwise feel lost in a larger home or find a busy environment overwhelming. Residents needing extra support flourish in this family-sized environment. At each location the Extra Care Suites are self-contained with their own lounge, dining rooms and accommodation. They both have their own dedicated team of experienced staff. The calm and tranquil settings offer familiarity and continuity which gives extra reassurance and comfort to its residents. Activities are on a one to one basis and include music therapy, cookery, massage and gentle exercise.

Dementia care at our adult day hub:

Secret Garden Hub in Cheltenham offers flexible day care for older people including those living with dementia including a 'Young Onset' group.

Other ways we support people living with dementia:

Support meetings provide advice to families and friends and offers the opportunity to understand more about dementia, interact with other people in similar situations and receive advice relating to their loved ones.

Our physio team have a particular interest in falls prevention for those whose cognitive ability is affected by dementia. They work with staff, residents and families across the charity to increase understanding of potential hazards and give practical advice on ways to minimise risk including tailored exercise programmes.

To find out more about our care homes and day care for those living with Dementia visit:

For help and advice please do not hesitate to contact us

‘We believe that people living with dementia can still live a full and contented life. Our care is about finding what makes each person relaxed and comfortable in their environment, helping them, and their loved ones, to adjust to this new chapter in their lives’

Suzanne Booker, Director of Care

‘My wife is very well looked after here [Faithfull House] and seems happier and more communicative than before she moved in about 12 months ago.  There are plenty of things to do and many other residents to interact with which suits her just fine.  I am happy that as someone with Alzheimer’s she is in exactly the right place for her.’

Aug 2021