Care Team Training

The continual training of our staff is a key priority as we continually strive to improve the experience of support and care.

Every member of staff undertakes a comprehensive induction so that all staff gain an understanding of the various challenges residents may face.

We have a dedicated team to plan and coordinate the continual training of our care staff, both within the homes and in our dedicated training suite. They offer one to one support, supervisions and formal courses to ensure training is tailored for staff to respond to the ever-changing care needs of our residents. During the Covid-19 pandemic our training has adapted to use online and in-house resources to ensure safety for all parties.

Staff are encouraged to take on ‘champion’ roles and gain specialist knowledge in an area which interests them.  This knowledge is then cascaded down to their colleagues across all our homes. We have regular forums for;

Dementia Link Workers

Manual Handling trainers

Activities coordinators

We run a programme of ‘monthly training’ that covers topics such as:


Infection prevention and control

Medication management

In normal times families are often welcome to join any training sessions which they might find of interest and they are also to suggest any training they would like at family forums.  However current restrictions mean that this isn’t feasible but we look forward to reintroducing these opportunities in the future. Please talk to a Home manager to find out more.

Every year our staff forum are invited to suggest a topic for an additional days training across all the homes, for example last year this was on Mentoring and Staff support.  Staff are also encouraged and supported to complete distance learning courses, and when restrictions are lifted they will continue to attend a wide range of external lead courses.

‘Our training is not just about clinical care but it is also about the emotional support we can give to residents.’

Suzanne Booker, Director of Care