Mrs Molly Ganniclifft

Age 23, training to be a midwife in London.  Mrs Ganniclifft knew from the age of eight that she wanted to be a nurse and, in addition to midwifery, she also completed general and ophthalmic nurses training.

Age 28, working as a nurse in Kampala, Uganda for the Colonial Nursing Office.  The journey was memorable in itself – her BOAC flight took over 24hours, landing every 3 to 4 hours to refuel (including in Rome and Cairo).

Age 30, on her wedding day in Arua, Uganda.  Mrs Ganniclifft’s three children were born in Africa and they stayed for 23 years living and working in Uganda, Kenya and Tanganika.

Age 92, creating an Easter wreath whilst a day guest at our day care hubs.

Now 93, and happily living at our Royal Court care home.