Visiting our day care and moving into Royal Court home was “the best thing she ever did” for 94-year-old resident, Molly Ganniclifft

Gloucestershire Live reporter, Olivia Rose Fox, interviewed resident Molly Ganniclifft and her Daughter Suzy on the phone in October. Find out why Molly felt that our day care and then our Royal Court care home was the best decision for her at this stage in her life. Below is the story intro and to read the full story please visit It’s lovely to hear how happy Molly and Suzy are and we really appreciate Molly sharing her story along with her Daughter Suzy and Care Manager Lesley.

Making the decision for a family member to move into assisted living or a care home can be a daunting process with unknown territory but it doesn’t have to be.

Whilst the process will look different for each and every family, it’s important that the family member in question is treated with respect with their individual needs and wants considered throughout the entire process.

Some family members may prefer their relatives to take the lead and organise all of the arrangements on their behalf and some may be more independent; beginning the process on their own.

94-year-old Molly Ganniclifft who will be celebrating her 95th birthday in February made the decision to move in to one of Lilian Faithfull’s homes, Royal Court, of her own accord in September 2019.

Following Molly’s initial thought, her children supported the idea and took her to visit Royal Court in Cheltenham to see if it was right for her and her needs. We caught up with Molly on the phone to hear her story and to find out why she felt that the home was the best decision for her at this stage in her life.

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