Meet Sasha our new estates team plumber

Have you spotted Sasha, our new in-house estates team plumber 🛠️ yet?

Sasha started working in our maintenance team this month – give her a wave 👋 and warm welcome. ☺️ We wanted to introduce you as she’ll be a huge asset around all our care homes and day care hubs, and save us calling on contractors.

A Stroud born and bred avid mountain biker, with a German Shepherd puppy called Kida.

Sasha has skills perfectly suited for the job and our charity. With 3 years plumbing experience – in maintenance and renewable energy. Plus 8 years care experience – 6 years with adults with autism, and 2 years within supported living.

Get in touch with Ian or Adam for her help with plumbing.

Welcome to the charity Sasha! 👍