Astell House, Cheltenham. Lilian Faithfull

Mary and Joyce are amongst those who have lived at our Lilian Faithfull Care homes the longest

As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary we spoke to two residents at Faithfull House, Joyce Wray and Mary Stallard, who are amongst those who have lived with the charity the longest.

Joyce pictured left commented, “After I lost my husband I lived alone for many years which was ok while I was able to drive but once I couldn’t get out it was very difficult.” Joyce lived near Reading in Berkshire and moved to Faithfull House 8 years ago to be near her daughter in Cheltenham. She has always moved around a lot as Joyce’s husband was in coastal command in the RAF. “Cheltenham is a lovely place but it isn’t near the sea!”

“I would recommend it here, the food is very good. I like not having to do any work, not having to cook or go to the supermarket – all the things I’ve done for a lifetime.”

Joyce enjoys the garden and getting out and about. She went on last weeks bus tour and is looking forward to more trips resuming.

Faithfull House has been Mary’s home for the last 16 years. When asked how its changed Mary, pictured right, remarks, “They’ve done a tremendous job, they’ve got flats in the basement and worked on the house at the back and the front.”

Mary was born in Malaysia and remembers clearly the long voyage to England when she was four and a half years old. The journey by sea took over a month, and when discussing how this is so different to travel today, she quickly remarks “We owe a lot to those pioneers of flying like Amelia Earhart.”

Mary enjoys the Word games organised by the activities team, particularly one where they start with one long word and then see how many smaller words they can create from it. “The exercises are very good too.” When asked if she would recommend Faithfull House to those thinking about moving into care Mary replies…

 “Certainly I would recommend it. They cater for the body and mind.”

Thank you very much to Mary and Joyce for sharing their story with us.