Mairi Warnock

Mairi was born in Glasgow during WW2; she remembers the bomb damage in the city as she grew up. Mairi followed in her grandfather’s footsteps becoming a teacher and specialised in working with students with special needs.

Mairi emigrated to Canada with her husband where she continued to work in education. Her particular interest was Dyslexia, ‘nobody knew about it then and didn’t really understand it.’ She helped parents understand the severity of the condition and worked on strategies to help.

Mairi learnt French from scratch when they moved to Montreal as ‘There was no French in Glasgow!’ A natural linguist, she was soon able to work at the university in French. ‘There was always good opportunity for academics, very good standards.’

Mairi now lives at Royal Court. She continues to enjoy linguistics with word games, crosswords and quizzes and still has a beautiful soft lilting Scottish accent.