Lilian Faithfull Care’s day care reopens “When I leave I have a skip in my step… I can’t rate it highly enough”

Lilian Faithfull Care are delighted that their two Hubs providing day care have been able to reopen. Uplands in Stroud and the Secret Garden Hub in Cheltenham are working under strict infection control procedures to ensure a Covid-safe environment.

“Never has the companionship and care they provide been more important. So many in our communities have been enduring months of isolation and loneliness and the pressures on carers have been enormous. We are delighted we can again offer day care guests home cooked food, meaningful activities, friendships and respite to families.” said Suzanne Booker, Director of Care at Lilian Faithfull Care.

Uplands has played a key part in Stroud since it was set up by the community in 1998. Now run by the charity Lilian Faithfull Care, it supports people in many different circumstances.

Pat is an active 81 year old and a regular visitor at Uplands who tells her story; “I try to keep myself fit and healthy and one of the lovely things I do is being able to come to the Uplands Day Centre to have a bath once a fortnight. It is the most terrific experience. It’s an assisted bath, so I have the lovely Hayley, who is the centre manager, to help. She hoists me into the bath and I sit there luxuriating in this wonderful water. Hayley and I have a chat and it just keeps me going. I feel all my tensions and problems just shifting away as I lie there in the water. I can’t rate it highly enough. When I leave the centre I have a skip in my step and I just feel refreshed, it’s a terrific feeling. I know in a couple of weeks time I’ll be back again.”

Uplands also helps those who are living with dementia and other long term debilitating conditions.

Alison’s mum Yvonne has been visiting Uplands for a number of years. After a lifetime of caring, (Yvonne only retired at 73 from being a Marie Curie nurse) she now lives with dementia. Initially her visits to Uplands enabled her to enjoy doing something sociable and gave husband a little respite. However Yvonne’s life turned upside down during the winter when she lost her husband due to Covid. After a short stay in a care home her family have now found a way to look after her back in her own home. Uplands is playing a crucial part in this as it allows Alison and her siblings to continue to work.

“Mum absolutely loves going. One of the special things for mum is that, at Uplands, they let her help; something she has always done for others. She loves the team, the lunch and, as she is really sociable, the time with the other ladies” explains Alison.

Another guest Marlene speaking on her first day back at Uplands said, “Oh its lovely to get outside…Being able to speak to everybody. It’s really is nice to be back.”

One of the priorities of Lilian Faithfull Care’ day care is to help people be as independent as possible. This will be different for every guest but for Margaret it is having a member of staff accompany her as she walks to Uplands. She really enjoys her exercise and by accompanying her on her walk it enables her to stay independent and remain active. “Thank you so much for meeting me, I really enjoy walking” commented Margaret on her first trip back to Uplands.

Lilian Faithfull Care’s Secret Garden Hub is tucked away on Suffolk Square in Cheltenham in a bright modern building. “It’s the companionship I missed more than anything” said Loretta, speaking on her first visit back at the Secret Garden Hub, “We do need people, don’t we.”

Loretta can’t recommend the Hub highly enough; “It’s got everything you need here, friendships, food and activities.” Loretta particularly values the lively conversations with staff and fellow guests. She studied for an English degree later on in life and she continues to be an avid reader . She enjoys the opportunity to meet at the Hub and discuss topical news and stories as well as taking part in the various activities, with quizzes being one of her favourites.

When asked what she would say to someone who might be suffering from loneliness and isolation in Cheltenham, she quickly responded “Just come [to the Secret Garden Hub] and try it, it’s the only thing to do. You don’t have to come back if you don’t want to but I think you will!”

Both day care Hubs are welcoming new guests, to find out more visit our day care pages
or contact Hayley Dalby, manager of Uplands on 01453 759 388 or email
Mark Norris, manager of Secret Garden Hub 01242 506 121 or email