Each home has an activities coordinator who organises a wide ranging programme of trips and activities.

We are keen to tailor the programmes to the interests and hobbies of individual residents. Many activities take place in small groups, but we also arrange activities on a one to one basis to ensure everyone has the opportunity to take part in something which they find interesting and stimulating.

Our facebook page is full of photos highlighting a variety of activities from around the homes (scroll to the top of this page and click the ‘f’ in the top left hand corner)

We have in-house activities such as gardening clubs, crafts and exercise groups.

We invite a wide range of speakers and musicians into our homes to give talks, recitals and performances.

We have our own weekly 'bus service' to support residents to be as independent as possible, foster engagement with the local community and provide a wider range of stimulating activities by linking our homes together.

We are delighted to have strong links with local schools and colleges who regularly visit our homes

We have a fleet of vehicles including a minibus, which facilitates our wide range of visits to local places of interest and even our annual holiday.

For those who stay in their bedroom, either by choice or due to ill health, we work to find things they enjoy on a one to one basis. This might be playing a board game or reading to them.

Families are always welcome to be involved in as many of our activities as possible and we are always open to new suggestions and ideas.

Cycling without Age project

Cycling without Age project

“I understand that mum went on a trip yesterday and just wanted to say how much we appreciate all the planning, effort and sheer hard work that everyone puts into making these things happen. It makes such a difference to mum to get out.”

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