Lesley Dowden

Lesley Dowden

Lesley Dowden 


In the summer of 2021 Lesley became the Manager of Resthaven Care Home.

Lesley has years of experience of managing a home, having been home manager at our Royal Court care home since August 2017, and before then 2 years of being the deputy manager.

She qualified as a nurse in 1976 and spent much of her career nursing in South Africa where she gained a degree in trauma and nephrology (study of the kidneys) and also spent time nursing in a hospice.  When Lesley returned to the UK in 2010 she specialised in working with older people and joined Royal Court in 2015.

“I absolutely love my job”, explains Lesley, “Every day is different and it gives me so much fulfilment.”

Lesley has an open and approachable style and takes an active role in all aspects of the home.  She has a deep understanding of every resident and attends daily staff handovers keeping abreast of each detail.

Lesley also loves taking part in the activities, “It sounds clichéd but I take so much pleasure in making residents smile.”

One of the aspects of Royal Court that Lesley was most proud of, was her team; “They are amazing. I think all the staff here wear their badge, Royal Court Cares, with pride. They not only care for the residents but they also care for each other.”

The team at Resthaven are very pleased to have her as their new manager.