Keith and his wife both benefit from the Secret Garden Hub in different ways

The Secret Garden Hub, tucked away on Suffolk Square in Cheltenham, has reopened offering adult day care in a Covid-safe environment. It supports people living in the community in a wide range of situations.

Keith has been a full time carer for his wife for over 18 months and he explains how important the Secret Garden Hub is for giving him some respite from his caring responsibilities.

“The Secret Garden Hub just gives me a chance to do other things, even if it’s to sit down and fall asleep. It gives me time for a proper break, to have a coffee with a friend, a walk or drive; something to switch off the brain.”

Keith can see that his wife is benefitting from her visits to the Hub; “It is helping her engage with more people. The outside stimulation she gets from her visits is making her more talkative. It gives us both something new to discuss – you can lose things to talk about when you are both at home, particularly in lockdown”.

The Secret Garden Hub is a small community and this often helps guests relax and feel at home. It has a wide range of activities and freshly cooked food each day. The Hub are welcoming new guests so if you would like to find out more please contact Hub manager, Mark Norris on 01242 506 121, email or visit our webpage on the Secret Garden Hub.