Her Majesty The Queen’s Commonwealth Day message features Lilian Faithfull Care!

A very proud moment as Lilian Faithfull Care is featured in the Queen’s Commonwealth Day message! Footage of Faithfull House resident, Joyce Wray, chatting to her daughter was shown as the Queen eloquently described how virtual communications have been a key way of keeping us linked together over the last year.

“In our everyday lives, we have had to become more accustomed to connecting and communicating via innovative technology – which has been new to some of us – with conversations and communal gatherings, including Commonwealth meetings, conducted online, enabling people to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and counterparts who they have not been able to meet in person. Increasingly, we have found ourselves able to enjoy such communication, as it offers an immediacy that transcends boundaries or division, helping any sense of distance to disappear.” Her Majesty The Queen

To watch the message in full visit https://www.royal.uk/queens-commonwealth-day-message-2021