Gwyneth Evans

Age 21 Gwyneth from Wenvoe in Wales, graduated from Swansea University during the Second World War, and so ‘went before the Board’ to be told what job to do. As she was bilingual in Welsh and English she was sent, with one week’s notice, to London to work at the War Office. “I’d never been to London. If it wasn’t that I’d had two cousins who I could live with, I don’t know what I would have done.”

She met her future husband on her first day. ”When I got to the War Office the Half-Colonel told me I’d be working with David Evans so when we were introduced I asked ‘Are you a Welshman?’ ‘CERTAINLY NOT’ he said. ‘This is jolly’ I thought! I said to him afterwards ‘Gosh, you thought you were marvellous!’” They were married for 60 years!

Age 100 Gwyneth now lives at Astell House, in Cheltenham, where this year she has celebrated her 100th Birthday with a family party. Gwyneth recently greeted newly hatched Easter chicks and particularly enjoys joining in with musical performances in her beautiful Welsh voice.