Doreen Brett

Age 16,  In WW2 Doreen got the ‘call-up’ straight from school to work at the Smiths factory making aircraft instruments.  The bus from her home took a circuitous route from her home in Tewkesbury to Cleeve picking up people for the start of their 12 hour long shifts.

Age 20, Doreen was a regular at the dances at Watson Hall in Tewkesbury.  It was here she met her future husband who was stationed at Ashchurch – they were great friends with many of the Americans who were also stationed there in WW2.

Age 21, Doreen had a white wedding (which was rare due to rationing) at the Abbey thanks to friends lending her everything she needed.  On VE day she joined the celebrations dancing the jitterbug around the cross in Tewkesbury, ‘it was lovely’.

Age 40, Doreen near her home in Gibraltar. With her husband in the Admiralty Fire Brigade she also lived in Singapore, Fife, Cornwall and Bath before ‘coming back home’ to Tewkesbury.

Age 96, We are privileged that Doreen lived with us at Astell House, such a kind and gentle lady.