Dave & Martin reach the Great British Care regional awards

Volunteer Dave and Physio Martin had a brilliant time at the Great British Care South West Awards.

Both shortlisted as finalists due to being winners at the Gloucestershire Care Providers Association awards. They didn’t pick up an award last night but were delighted to reach the regional finals and enjoyed celebrating with fellow care finalists.

We’re very proud to be part of this prestigious care awards event.

Well done Dave and Martin, and congratulations to the winners last night.

If you haven’t already read their award stories – here they are.

The Physio team and the great innovation they bring to our charity: www.lilianfaithfull.co.uk/physio-team-win-innovation-of-the-year-gcpa-award

Dave’s ‘Volunteer of the Year’ story of all he does for Royal Court care home: www.lilianfaithfull.co.uk/dave-hardy-wins-volunteer-of-the-year