Can my loved one come and live at Lilian Faithfull?

Can my loved one come and live at Lilian Faithfull?

A few families have asked us that question and we thought we would help with some answers. We can accept new residents to live with us on respite or permanently.

Importantly this does mean that your loved one would need to be tested for Coronavirus.  Our care teams, taking all precautions, would conduct the test.  This is so our medical professionals can ensure the test is conducted correctly – results come back to us in around 48 hours.

Subject to a negative test we can admit your loved one into our homes, the choice of rooms can be conducted virtually and of course you can speak regularly using technology.   Your loved one would need to remain in their room for a period of seven days.  Unfortunately, due to shielding advice, any family member would not be able to come into the home, but we are arranging visits at designated points at each home.

We hope this helps, if you have any questions please do let us know and speak to the home.

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