Astell’s letter from The Queen

Astell House is excited to have received another letter from The Queen!
Astell House’s resident poetry group, lead by Eve, wrote a beautiful poem for Her Majesty in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee.
They were delighted by a reply from The Queen’s Lady in Waiting with a letter, a card and photos, passing on Her Majesty’s appreciation and thanks.
This will now be framed and put next to the poem in memory of Prince Philip.
Here’s their amazing poem:
A carefree lass under Kenyan sky
The news that came left no time to cry
For a girl was Queen and a figurehead
Her father’s reign was hers instead.
A somber step on her native land
With dignity she took our hands
To lead and guide by grace and crown
To rule o’er nations, cities, towns.
Without fear or favour, one and all
Her rule grew strong, we stood in awe
Family, commonwealth, and Queen
Throughout her reign, the longest seen.
A constant flame in dark and light
Our Queen stood firm through peace and plight
No matter what, she faced it all
Strength and honour, standing tall.
With silver, gold and platinum
The Jubilees they go and come
It’s time to celebrate again
Seventy years has been her reign.
Her subjects show their deep respect
Race, creed and colour, we all connect
To come together, stand as one
We cheer her on, the people’s mum.
What is ahead we do not know
But now we have the time to show
To recognise what we have seen
Thank you Mam, God save The Queen.
Well done to the poetry group – a very talented team!