Astell House poetry group receive a second letter from Royalty

Astell House care home receive a second letter from Royalty – this time a reply from The Prince of Wales! 
Astell’s poetry group sent The Prince of Wales a poem in tribute to his father, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. This was in addition to the same letter sent to Her Majesty The Queen, which they received a lovely response to recently. Pictured is the letter, a card and resident Evelyn sharing with fellow poets.
The poem came about when Astell’s resident poetry group and staff member Lucy Martin, were preparing to write a poem for Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. When Prince Philip sadly passed away, they wrote a poem as a tribute instead. Then Lucy sent it off to The Queen and Prince Charles on the group’s behalf.
Another memorable and proud day for the poetry group and the team at Astell. Recently Carole got the Queen’s letter and poem framed – now they’ll need a bigger frame!
For those of you who haven’t read the news about the group’s poem and Astell’s memorial garden in Tribute to Prince Philip, and Her Majesty’s letter – take a read of our story here: