Sustainability & The Environment

Lilian Faithfull Care actively monitors many aspects of its impact on the environment and takes mitigating action when possible.

For example, a recent Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme report highlights that the charity is doing all that it can to make the buildings as energy efficient as possible.  This includes actively monitoring the efficiency of boilers which can be remotely adjusted to ensure peak performance.

The waste management programme monitors all types of waste and the levels of recycling that are achieved (for instance in 2020 96% of skip waste was recycled).  Water consumption is reduced with installation of efficient equipment such as the charity’s 250 showers are fitted with high pressure – low volume handsets.

There are plans in place to replace the fleet of vehicles with hybrid or electric options.  Alternative renewable energy sources are also being actively considered. The grounds are managed sympathetically with the environment and this year this has included training staff to become beekeepers so that beehives can be introduced to in the grounds of one of our homes.