Remarkable Lives

Our ‘Remarkable Lives’ project is our way of highlighting that residents who choose to live with us were not “born old” and they have all, in some way, led remarkable lives and have amazing stories to tell.

This project is another way of helping to ensure that all the staff at the home are aware of the residents’ pasts and can use this to create a connection and friendship with those they look after.  It has also generated a lot of interest, gaining local and national press coverage.

We would love to publish more residents’ stories. If you would like to share yours or your loved ones’ please contact us via and we will get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remarkable Lives Profiles

  • Age 12 Betty was born and brought up just off Barton Street in Gloucester. During WW2 she attended Ribston Hal

  • Age 3  Liz was born and brought up in Ireland ‘I am Belfast through and through’. She is pictured here with he

  • Age 15 Doreen pictured with her siblings helping bring in the harvest on her father’s tenanted farm on the Wea

  • Age 21 Gwyneth from Wenvoe in Wales, graduated from Swansea University during the Second World War, and so ‘we

  • Aged 5   Ann spent her childhood in England Germany and Sri Lanka, moving with her father’s RAF postings. She

  • Mairi was born in Glasgow during WW2; she remembers the bomb damage in the city as she grew up. Mairi followed

  • Aged 18 Irene hadn’t planned to be a model; she was working at a furrier when she was asked to fill in and mod

  • Age 16,  In WW2 Doreen got the ‘call-up’ straight from school to work at the Smiths factory making

  • Robin is a published artist who has illustrated many bird identification books, but he had two other careers f

  • Aged 17, Margaret, a trained needlework teacher, in the wedding dress she made herself.  Widowed two years lat

  • Age 18, Mr Wood (on far left) served in the RAF in Egypt for his national service and enjoyed it so much he st

  • Age 23, training to be a midwife in London.  Mrs Ganniclifft knew from the age of eight that she wanted to be

  • There are few people who gain two Doctorates, especially when one is in Fine Art and the other in Science; Dr

  • Age 22, a Cheltonian born and bred, Mr Oakey joined the RAF for his national service and stayed 22 years! Age

  • Aged 28, Miss Paterson just before she set out to work in India for the Church Mission Society.  She took the

  • Aged 17, determined to serve in the RAF Mrs Powell signed up, without her father’s knowledge, at RAF Inn

  • Aged 18, Mrs Terry joined the WAAF to train as a Meteorological Assistant in World War 2.  Her first visit to

  • Aged 18, as radio operator on HMS Moorsom he listened to U-boat radio frequencies in order to locate their pos

  • Winning the Black Country League for the Brierley Hill Boys. National Service in the 35th Signals Regiment in

  • One of the finest cricketers of his generation playing 79 tests for England. Mr Graveney played for Gloucester

  • Aged 20 (approx), in an RAF Maintenance Unit in WW2 helping to keep the Lancaster Bombers flying. He then had

  • Aged 24 and aged 93 on 22nd August 2015. Junior Commander ATS 93rd Searchlight Regt of the Royal Artillery.

  • Aged 17, on Brighton Beach. Aged 18, married the love of her live and emigrated to Los Angeles to work on the

  • Aged 25 (approx), working for Civil Service War Office. Aged 96, we were proud to have Mrs Hands living with u

  • As the summer of Olympics closes we celebrate the Remarkable Life of Mary Wixey who lives in our newest Home,

  • Aged 21, on her birthday in 1926! Aged 25, on her wedding day in 1951. Aged 25, off to work in London in the C

  • Aged 20, trained in the piano at The Royal College of Music after war time in the Met Office. Accompanied on t

  • Aged 25 (approx), in Venice leading a Wallace Arnold Coach Tour, whilst on holiday from teaching Geography in

  • Aged 18, Playing his red guitar. In 1987 he played in the No1 hit ‘Star Trekkin’ across the Univer

  • Aged 20, Mr James was a RAF Flight Officer and here he is pictured in front of a Beaufort Bristol Torpedo Bomb

  • Aged 12 (approx), grown up in Rochdale down the road from Gracie Fields. Aged 24, RAF National Service, Assist

  • Aged 25, Royal Naval Engineer landing on Tana in the Pacific Isles. Aged 84, awarded an Hon Degree from Surrey

  • Aged 7, in Sough Armagh, Ireland with his brothers and Grandparents. Degree in Mathematics, Oxford University

  • Aged 23, Loughborough PE College in 1949 & St. Paul’s College Cheltenham. Brian also served in the R

  • None of what we do would be possible if it wasn’t for Miss Lilian Mary Faithfull. Lilian Faithfull, born

  • Age 20, Officer attached to Bletchley Park Intelligence Corp. Age 25, receiving a 1st Class English Degree fro

  • With his wife (both ballroom dancers) at their home in Cheltenham. Age 95, RAF 81 Spitfire Squadron – on

  • Age 25, office, Radar Operations, RAF Coastal Command Northwood 1946. Age 94, we were proud to have Jeannie li

  • Age 24, Chief Petty Officer HMS Thesus Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier. Age 89, living with us at Astell House, Ch

  • Age 20: An ace Spitfire pilot, he went on to the fly the Mustang 4 in 154 Squadron giving long range escorts t

  • One of Britain’s finest Operatic Tenors – Sang at Covent Garden, Welsh National Opera. Rome, Paris

  • Aged 30 (approx) – GP in Cheltenham since 1959 and a former Trustee. Aged 86, we were so privileged to h

  • Flight Lieutenant Derek Tapson – 197 Typhoon Squadron. Derek Tapson was a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF s

  • Aged 30, Studying Theology at Ridley College, Cambridge. Canon Emeritus at Ripon Cathedral, Vicar in Fulham, L

  • Aged 20, approx 1944 serving in the Woman’s Royal Navy Service. Aged 90, we were so privileged to have M