Our History

Our namesake – Lilian Faithfull – was a formidable woman who created our charity in 1946. At the inaugural meeting of supporters she famously declared, “something must be done!” after seeing Cheltenham’s population suffering in old age despite having given so much during the war years. This was especially true for widowed or single ladies retiring from teaching and nursing professions, who had to leave their work-related accommodation.

Since 1946 we have expanded dramatically and continue to look to do more throughout the county – from twelve residents living in one home, to 300 residents in five homes, three day centres and affordable flats with over 450 staff. But we have remained true to the founding principles of the charity; a desire to improve the lives of others through care and dedication.

Our founder would be impressed by the introduction of modern equipment such as hoists and pressure-relieving beds, but some things never change – the caring relationship we have with all our residents.

‘There is active work to be done.  We are not worthy to live in any society taking everything and giving nothing.’

Miss Lilian Faithfull from her Opening Address as Principal of Cheltenham Ladies College, September 1907, from the College Archives by kind permission of Cheltenham Ladies College.

We have remained true to Miss Faithfull’s founding principles of the charity; “a desire to improve the lives of others through care and dedication.”

Times may have changed, but our ethos remains constant; safe, stable and a home for life.