About Our Charity

Lilian Faithfull Care is a charity and we are in care for the right reasons, not for profit, and through our ‘Home for Life’ pledge, we will never ask a resident to leave our homes for financial reasons. We were established in 1946 by our namesake, Lilian Faithfull and we have remained true to the founding principles of the charity; “a desire to improve the lives of others through care and dedication.”

Our ethos

At the charity’s core there is a belief that everyone should be respected and cared for as an individual and treated with dignity. We support people to be as independent as possible and focus on making people’s time with us a fulfilling chapter in their lives. As one resident explained; ‘They cater for body and mind.’

We are proud that staff and residents often talk of how the people that live and work in our homes and hubs are like an extended family to them.

It is the attention to detail and involvement of all our staff which creates communities which not only looks after people’s care and well-being, but is a place people call home.

Our services

We provide a range of care including respite care, residential care, nursing care. We care for people with a wide range of conditions and have specialist knowledge of dementia care and end of life care. Many of our homes also offer care for couples.  We also offer independent living accommodation and support through our day care hubs

Our staff

Our compassionate and experienced staff are our lifeblood, after all it is our staff that provides the love and care for our residents. We have a continuous training and assessment programme to ensure consistently high standards

Our charity ‘Home for Life’ promise

Our charity has a ‘home for life’ promise, which meanst we will never ask a resident to leave, if they are unable to financially support their own care.

This represents the difference between the costs of caring for a resident and the fees received by the Local Authority.

Last year our charity supported around 95 residents’ fees to an incredible amount of £2.5 million on average.

97p in every £1 spent by our charity is put towards the day to day care of our residents and day guests, and all that entails.

What does a
‘Home for Life’ mean?

Our homes are full of life, fun and laughter, with a busy and wide range of activities.

Lilian Faithfull Care owns each home outright, giving stability and security for all.

As a charity we have never had to ask a resident to leave due to personal financial circumstances.

Our Vision

Lilian Faithfull Care's Vision

Sustainability and the environment

“Faithfull House has provided the family with excellent support in settling mum into residential care. From our initial enquiries and throughout the transition, the staff have gone over and above to make the move as smooth as possible by using a fully person-centred approach. The staff have been so kind to both mum and us. They have demonstrated they understand the difficult emotional decisions that have needed to be made.”

Jan 2024