A Charity providing the best in elderly care since 1946

A Word from the Chair

A word from the chair of trustees

Our namesake – Lilian Faithfull – was a formidable woman who created our charity in 1946. At the inaugural meeting of supporters she famously declared, “something must be done!” after seeing Cheltenham’s population suffering in old age despite having given so much during the war years. This was especially true for widowed or single ladies retiring from teaching and nursing professions, who had to leave their work-related accommodation.

Today, I am delighted to say that we continue to carry the torch Lilian Faithfull handed to us. The general public is rightly concerned about the quality of care in residential homes, we actively encourage friends and family to drop in unannounced to see for themselves how their relative or friend is being looked after. People come to Lilian Faithfull to live out their days – enjoying social activities and having fun, even if they are living with dementia and other disabling conditions. 

Our staff is our lifeblood and as a Board we have committed that within three years all our staff will be paid at least the Living Wage. All our staff mean so much to us – they are undoubtedly the most compassionate, friendly and caring people, and we will do all we can to look after them. After all, it is our staff that provides the love and care for our residents.

Since 1946 we have expanded dramatically and continue to look to do more throughout the county – from twelve residents living in one home,  to 214 residents in four homes, with over three hundred staff. Our founder would be impressed by the introduction of modern equipment such as hoists and pressure-relieving beds, but some things never change – the caring relationship we have with all our residents. I am sure that Lilian Faithfull would be proud.

Gill Pyatt

Chair – Lilian Faithfull Homes