End of Life Care

Lilian Faithfull Care offers the highest standards in end of life care to people in all our homes.
Each resident, with their families, will have the opportunity to plan their journey for their final days with our experienced staff to ensure that the plan is fulfilled and they die with dignity and respect.   Our experienced staff work in a close knit team with GPs, specialist nurses, the rapid response team and other supporting agencies and families to ensure the care provided fully meets and respects each residents needs and wishes.  Our care wraps around friends and family to offer support through this difficult time



Advanced Care Planning

In every home each resident, with their families, will have the opportunity to consider and discuss their wishes and thoughts about their final days with our staff, through the preparation of their ‘Advanced Care Plan’.

This is to help clarify a person’s wishes, needs and preferences, which will help us to ensure the care we offer meets these needs.

Essentially, it describes what they want to happen, what they don’t want to happen, and who will speak for them. It guides our staff, and everyone involved in that person’s care, in making decisions about their medical condition. It also ensures that spiritual beliefs are respected and that personal preferences, both before and after their death, can be followed.

For further information talk to the home managers and look out for our end of life care leaflets available in the home.

‘Thank you very much for all your support and being there at the end of my Dads life. You helped me so much.’

Royal Court, 2016