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It can be really difficult when we, or someone we love, starts to develop difficulties with memory. Often this can go for a long time without being addressed, but in our extensive experience in this area, early intervention is the key to a much better quality of life.

We are here to help.

The Memory Awareness Support team, MAST™, at Lilian Faithfull provides advice to families and loved ones, offering the opportunity to understand more about dementia, interact with other people in similar situations and receive advice about relating to loved ones.




Lilian Faithfull Homes has over 60 years of experience in caring for elderly people who require support. The founding principles of Lilian Faithfull still stand: the desire to improve the lives of others through care and dedication. This has led to a deep understanding and knowledge of the issues surrounding memory loss. We know how difficult it can be for those affected and their loved ones to accept and manage the changes both before and after a dementia diagnosis.




MAST™ was set up to create a centre of excellence with the aim of reaching out into the community to provide up-to-date information and advice on all forms of memory loss. We help staff, family members and organisations to have a better understanding of each type of diagnosis, associated behaviours and also how to approach and relate to individuals to maintain the best possible level of care, communication and quality of life.

MAST™ started out by ensuring each member of staff at Lilian Faithfull was fully trained to a high standard in understanding and caring for those with memory loss. We work hard at creating a highly stimulating environment for residents, fully of meaningful activities. We also train certain staff members to become Dementia Support Workers who can be points of contact for residents and their families.




Dementia Support Workers care for residents each day and by working with families, will be able to care for each person on an individual basis. We are a vital local resource and extend our help to the wider community, providing support for those who want to stay at home. We offer advice in all aspects of this and welcome enquiries from individuals and organisations. We also run evening meetings that look at a different aspects of dementia care such as person centred care, depression, relaxation and the different types of dementia. These have proven to be excellent opportunities to introduce the MAST™ team and meet others in a similar situation.

MAST™ is headed up by Suzanne Booker, Director of Care & Development: ‘With such a large presence, not only in Cheltenham but Gloucestershire, Lilian Faithfull Homes is ideally placed to talk to residents and families about their concerns regarding memory awareness. Our teams can provide comfort and advice well before an individual may need care and importantly this advice is open to all, irrespective of whether or not you need residential care’.





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